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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fishing With Brooklyn

FEESH!!!  FEESH!!!  I love hearing my daughter scream these words in excitement.  She loves being outside and getting dirty.  Her favorite movie right now is Finding Nemo because of the fish.  She really does like to go fishing and I hope that never changes!

So we went fishing Saturday.  Mom packed up some drinks and off we went.  We arrived at Tyler State Park with hopes of getting into some bluegills.  I set up, let her pick out the fly, and fishing we went.  She had so much fun splashing around in the water, chasing little frogs, netting/touching fish, and just plain being outside.

She turns two later this month....growing up so fast.  I am glad to be able to share in these moments with her!  I look forward to making more memories with her!  There is nothing better than being a dad.


  1. Best fishing video EVER! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice work! Getting out on the water with your kids those first few time is hard to beat.

    1. Thanks man!! Love the photography on your site btw!!